Thursday, July 19, 2012

Evangelical Downgrade

The Evangelical Education Society - a once respectable group in TEC says this in its latest newsletter.  

"As the term 'evangelical' evolved to connote first 'Low Church' and later the fundamentalism of biblical inerrancy, (my emphasis) the Board maintained advocacy of Anglican Evangelicalism of the English Reformation through publication of the Evangelical Outlook and the administration of a merit scholarship program.

By the late 20th century, however, this message was ineffective. (my emphasis) The EES Board seized the opportunity (to) adapt by launching the Evangelism For the 21st Century grants program in 1995.  The move was an abandonment of partisanship and advocacy and a commitment to follow the Spirit in innovative Gospel proclamation...."

So, apparently the message of the gospel (what else could they mean) was ineffective and they gave it up to follow the "Spirit in innovative Gospel proclamation..." i.e. another gospel which Paul has some harsh words about in Gal 1.

ps David Booth Beers is a Board Member

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